Our unsurpassed ability in dark colors and superior, mirror-image finish speaks for itself. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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15 years of professional detailing experience means you'll always be satisfied with your car when it comes back from Showroom Detail.

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We are a full service detail shop located on Palma Dr. in Ventura, California, easily accessible via 126 and 101 freeways.

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Mirror-Image Finish
Chrome will polish and your vinyl will look 15 years younger

Full Service Shop
Your cars are safe in our full service detail shop

Spotless Interiors
Cleaned carpets, doormats, back seat, trunk and anything else

Engine Cleaning
Cleaner engines run better and make repairs less of a hassle

Award-Winning Details

The immaculate perfection of a showroom detail speaks volumes about an automobile and its owner. We specialize in showroom-quality auto detailing in a timely, professional and affordable manner. Come on down and see for yourself why people all over southern and central California come to Showroom Detail!

Proven Track Record

With extensive knowledge, an exclusive product line and unsurpassed ability in dark colors, our superior, mirror-image finish speaks for itself. Whether you're looking to win a show, increase your car's resale value, or just out to add some legitimate BLING to the car you currently drive, Showroom Detail has a package for you.

Winterize Your Vehicle

Are you aware of subtle damage the environment inflicts upon your vehicle? Acid rain can eat through your clear coat in as little as one season. An annual or semi-annual restoration of your vehicle's clear coat protects your investment against this damage, with the added bonus of keeping your car at showroom quality year-round. Let Showroom Detail winterize your vehicle today!

“Ladell is really the best detailer in town, and probably one of the best in Southern California. I’ve used several other detailers locally, and non compare.”
Stu, Ventura CA
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“Ladell is an absolute pro. I’m a Realtor and it’s important to me that everything that I do exudes quality. The work Ladell did on my Prius screams quality. Full of zeal, Ladell treats every car with a keen eye for detail and sincere caring for the product of his labors.”
Kevin, Ventura CA
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“Really off the chart service! My 2014 Nissan Rogue in Cayenne Red looks way better than when I purchased. By far the best detail I have ever had.”
Jay, Oak Park CA
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“Excellent work at a reasonable price. A years-old stain of suntan lotion is now hardly noticeable. Thanks, Ladell!”
Jean, Ventura CA
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